Paint Your Own


Be Creative Decorating Studio
Decorating  pottery is fun and easy in our  Paint Your Own studio, we make hundreds of sponge patterns to suit everyone including birds, flowers, animals, tractors and cars; we introduce new shapes regularly making each visit different. It is how we decorate all our colourful pottery here in our shop… can you!

How does it work?
When you come to the studio you will get a demonstration on how to use the sponges, it’s easy, you simply paint a damp sponge with a choice of ceramic colours and apply to a piece of our pottery, building up the pattern as you print. If you need any help through the process we can give you advice and show you different techniques.

Once you have finished your pot it will be glazed, ready for collection the following week.

We make all sorts of pieces to decorate including mugs, bowls, plates,and jugs; as well as lots of unusual plaques which include dogs, cats, owl, hearts and skulls and some fun fish shapes too. Prices vary according to the size of each item with pieces starting at £15 / £16.

Who can come along?
This way of decorating suits everybody. There is a small amount of skill needed so it is not suitable for toddlers or pre-schoolers, though lots of parents let little ones print their hands onto pots which they then finish off with sponge patterns. We get lots of parents printing baby foot-prints , to capture a moment in time; we can help you do this when you visit.

Children love using the sponges and adults find it makes decorating stress free.

As well as individuals printing we cater for groups as well, we cover kids birthdays, family groups, hen parties ; any gathering that is looking for a fun event. The studio is in our cafe , so you can get refreshments, before, during or after your creativity.

Children’s Birthday Parties -Cost is £18 per child , this price includes demonstration and help throughout the activity, all colours and glazing. There is a good variety of pieces to choose from including plates and large shaped plaques; which allow more patterns to be printed easily, as well as a selection of bowls, jugs and mugs. We will include a small bird plaque for parties of 6 or more these have hand-painted faces and the birthday girl/boy will have their name and date painted on the front and the party group can finger-print the tail or sign the back. It is a unique record of the day.
There is an age limit for the studio which is only open for children of school age and above, the reasons for this are that little ones mistake our sponge shapes for soft toys and the ceramic colours for table paints.

How long does it take?
You are given a 90 minute slot which is plenty of time to create your  masterpiece.

Do I need to book?
We are open Tuesday to Saturday throughout the year. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.>
There is no need to book individual places during the weekdays, but large groups should book at all times to ensure space , BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL ON  SATURDAYS  and busy holiday times.

Can you order food for a decorating group?
We have our own cafe here at eden pottery where you can get home made scones, cakes, lunches and coffees.