Coffee Shop & HQ


While browsing in our pottery shop ,why not stop in our large and airy  cafe where you can relax and enjoy our home baking and home cooking.

We are a popular stop for a morning visit where customers enjoy our delicious scones, flavours include raspberry & white chocolate, cinnamon, and rhubarb. We use Italian Segafredo coffee and we have a wide selection of teas.

We bake all our cakes and cookies as well using butter and free range eggs and only the best Belgian chocolate callebauts will do. Our cake selection includes Victoria sandwich, carrot, coconut Malibu, coffee & walnut and of course classic chocolate. We bake all butter shortbread, gluten free brownies and meringues as well as classic traybakes, it is not a place to visit if you are on a diet!

Our light lunches consist of home- made soup with a wheaten scone, freshly made sandwiches and toasties. Paninis are available on  Saturdays and busy holidays. Deep quiches with flavours such as chicken, stuffing and cranberry, or smoked salmon with feta ,or smoked bacon and chorizio, can be accompanied with fresh salads in our chilled counter.

Of course you get to eat off and drink from all our handmade pottery to complete your experience, you never know which pattern you will get, and you will see how our pottery stands up to everyday use.

Do you cater for gluten free, Dairy free diet?
Our soups are always gluten free and we can include a gluten free roll, our salads include gluten free options and our chocolate brownies and meringues will round off a lunch.

Usually our soup is dairy free, always ask. We make everything here and will advise accordingly.

Group menus
If you are coming as a large group, let us know in advance for scones and morning coffee, we can increase our batches and keep some aside for a visit. We appreciate advance warning of any large groups to ensure that all customers have a good choice of lunches.

If you are booking an activity in either our decorating or clay studio you can book food in advance if you wish.

We have several options to choose from…….

Kids Birthday Party menu
£5 per person
Includes sandwich selection of your choice / or sausage roll, mini cupcakes, mini rice crispy bun, mini meringue with cream, Capri-sun/fruice drink. We will provide plates and napkins and you are welcome to bring a birthday cake.

Group menu 1-
£4.50 per person
Scones with butter, jam and cream, fresh ground coffee/tea

Group menu 2 –
£6.00 per person
scones with jam and cream, tray-bake (choose from brownies or meringues), fresh ground coffee/tea

Group menu 3 –
£10 per person
scones with jam and cream, meringues, brownies( fresh ground coffee/tea.

Sandwich selection, meringues, brownies, fresh ground coffee/tea.